Thermoactive clothing from the "600 FT" series successfully replaced Czarek Abramowski's undersuit during long and deep technical dives in Dahab in winter 2017.

“600 FT thick linen test from our domestic company Mola Mola.

More and more often we take our audience to Egypt, especially in winter, and the age-old question is always being asked: what to put under the suit? Thick undersuit that we use in the country? - too much, only thermoactive underwear? - a little bit, so what? Buy a thinner undersuit? Our Polish company Mola Mola offered me a test of its latest thick underwear with a mysterious sounding name: 600 FT  

Test location: Egypt,
Date: December,
Conditions: water 21-22 degrees, dives up to 50 minutes </ em >

Test objects:
a representative of the group of "eternal decayers" that is IWONA and
the second group susceptible to cold, "instructor at work", that is me 

We both use dry suits of the type colloquially called "oilcloth", that is me Bare X-mission, and Iwona Dui TLS. Cool, comfy and lightweight for travel, but with a minimal warming function, so it's all on the underwear / warmer side.

We were both pleasantly surprised, because the underwear itself really worked and can be safely recommended as an alternative to thin undersuits. Additionally, you can always use it as a basic underwear under a thick undersuit in the country…. (… ..) the function of an undersuit and underwear in one sounds quite interesting.

Czarek Abramowski

SDI & TDI  Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer
ERDI CPROX/CPR1st Instructor Trainer
PADI & DSAT Instructor
IANTD nTMX Instructor