During the trekking on the border of Venezuela and Brazil, the participants of the expedition used thermo-active underwear with silver ions from the "BIO LINE" series. Underwear has passed the test, ensuring comfort during multi-day marches in extreme conditions (moisture, high temperatures) .

We take MOLA MOLA thermal underwear into the harsh conditions of the South American jungle, to the Gran Sabana highlands and finally to Roraima itself. (…) I do not know how you did it, but I run in jungles and volcanoes in military equipment, and this model of yours works better than US ARMY products with silver ions and I also say this about situations when you do not take your shoes off your feet for a few days, and after the way of rivers and swamps;) ”

- Przemek Trześniowski, ALPHA-DIVERS. Cave diver, technical diver, rebreather diver, IANTD technical diving instructor, PADI recreational diving instructor and DAN diving rescue instructor, NAS underwater archaeologist.