Light and at the same time extremely warm thermal gaiters with a modern cut - they fit the body and do not restrict freedom of movement.

Aesthetic finish and flat seams ensure convenience and comfort of use. The gaiters do not have any inserts - all information about the product (size and washing instructions) is sealed in the form of a small application on the inside of the gaiters. Decorated with a discreet "DIVING COMMUNITY" graphic. Recommended for longer dives in lower temperatures. They will also work well during winter trekking and skiing.

Recommended for diving in cooler waters.

cool thermoactive

Unique fabric

It is modern, very warm underwear, made of high-quality, functional winter knitwear.

The outer layer of the knitted fabric has a checkered structure, thanks to which it provides protection against wind and cold. On the inside there is a pleasant to the touch fluff, which additionally protects against cold and perfectly maintains the optimal body temperature, ensuring the comfort of thermal protection.

COOL THERMOACTIVE clothing is therefore a great alternative to fleece, while retaining the properties of high-class thermoactive clothing, additionally it is characterized by very good breathability – but it does not let the cold outside.

Two-layer knit fabric made in the technology of multi-polyester fibers – the fibers do not absorb moisture, quickly transport it away from the body to the outside of the material and at the same time dry very quickly.

Pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly – it does not cause irritation or allergic reactions, limits the growth of bacteria on the body during exercise and protects against harmful UV radiation.

Very durable, perfectly adapts to the body, emphasizing the figure, does not absorb odors, does not fade, dye or pill in the wash. It retains its properties even after long and intensive use.

It also works well during winter sports and every day on cold days. 

A product made of yarn certified with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Dyes used for finishing knitted fabrics meet the REACH Certification standards No. 1907/2006.