thermoactive pants 600 FT

Very warm thermoactive pants, recommended for long dives in low temperatures.

Created for users requiring exceptional thermal protection under water. The material structure that has been used creates a combination of excellent thermal insulation and breathability. Thanks to the delicate fleece on the inside of the knitted fabric, the pants provide thermal comfort and can be successfully used as the first layer of clothing closest to the body. They will also work well as a second, additional insolation layer. The excellent elasticity of the material makes the pants fit the body perfectly and will not restrict your freedom of movement. Aesthetic finish and flat seams ensure convenience and comfort of use. Quick-drying and anti-allergic (not allergenic), easy to wash and use.

The pants do not have any uncomfortable inserts - information about the product (size and washing instructions) is sealed in the form of a small application on the inside of the pants.

They are also perfect for winter sports.

Unique material

The material from which the underwear was made is a high-quality fleece knit with very good thermal insulation properties. Due to its dense structure, it provides excellent insulation against wind and cold, and maintains a dry and warm microclimate of the skin. It has hydrophobic properties, i.e. it does not retain moisture in an amount greater than 1% of its weight, thanks to which the knitted fabric is always dry and soft to the touch. Microscopic air bags in the structure of the material create thermal insulation, retaining body heat. Sweat released during exercise is absorbed by the inner layer of the knitted fabric, while the outer layer transports the accumulated moisture away to the environment, thanks to which the skin remains dry and breathes naturally.


Clothing from the 600FT series contains positive Ag + silver ions, thanks to which bacteria do not move from the fabric to the skin.
Bacteria feed on the sweat secreted during exercise and they are responsible for the unpleasant and characteristic smell of ammonia in a sweaty person. Silver ions stabilize the amount of bacteria on the skin, and the thermo-active properties of the material allow sweat to escape away from the skin’s surface, where it is properly evaporated and can no longer be used as a breeding ground for bacteria. This eliminates the risk of allergies and the formation of unpleasant odors.


Price: 93 EUR