A light, breathable and super flexible vest ideal for diving in water at a temperature of 15–25oC or to add an additional layer of insulation in a drysuit for colder waters.

It may be compared with 2.5 mm neoprene, without affecting buoyancy (no additional weight required).

The inner layer (fluffy and pleasant-to-the-touch) transfers moisture from the skin to the outside of the material, and the outer layer then expels the accumulated moisture to the environment. Worn under a wetsuit, it ensures physical and thermal comfort while offering full freedom of movement.

Advanced solutions

The excellent elasticity of the material ensures a perfect fit, while the smooth outer layer makes it easy to put on a wet drysuit. After diving, it dries rapidly, ensuring thermal comfort on the surface, and after a short time it is ready for the next entry into the water.
Durable and easy to maintain. It does not fade, dye or bobble when washed. It retains its original properties even after long, intensive use.
Ultra compact, it easily fits into any free space in your backpack.
Perfect for diving, freediving as well as other water sports.


Price: 62 EUR