A very flexible two-piece undersuit recommended for diving in water at a temperature of 6C to 18C.

The use of two layers of material creates a combination of excellent thermal insulation and breathability. The unique manufacturing technology ensures flexibility in all directions, which allows a wide range of movement of the diver's arms and legs. The outer polyester layer and the "easy on-easy off" design allows easy putting on and taking off the dry suit.

Intuitive technology

The undersuit consists of two independent parts: sweatshirt and trousers. It is an ideal solution for people with a non-standard figure – it allows you to choose a sweatshirt and pants separately, and thus a better fit of the undersuit to the body. Thanks to the flat seams and the soft cover from the inside, the undersuit sweatshirt can be worn directly on the body. The extended back of the sweatshirt provides double protection from the cold for the kidneys and forms an additional layer of thermal insulation. Elastic thumb loops prevent the undersuit sleeves from tightening when putting on a dry suit.

High quality

Undersuit pants have two comfortable pockets on the hips and holes for p-valve. Designed high waist, wide non-compressive elastic waistband and additionally sewn in string prevent the trousers from slipping while getting dressed. The legs have a thinner layer of material below the knees, thanks to which, after putting on socks on the calves, there is no annoying thickening of the material and the diver can easily put on a dry suit. Special “feet” at the bottom of the pants keep the legs in the right place and ensure a perfect fit of the material at the ankles. This solution prevents the legs from being pulled up when putting on a drysuit.

Flat seams in both parts of the undersuit ensure great comfort of use and prevent skin irritation and chafing.

The two-piece undersuit will also work well during other winter sports.

Advanced solutions

The inner layer of the liner is a high-quality fleece fabric with very good thermal insulation properties. Due to its dense structure, it provides excellent insulation against wind and cold, and maintains a dry and warm microclimate of the skin. It has hydrophobic properties, i.e. it does not retain moisture in an amount greater than 1% of its weight, thanks to which the knitted fabric is always dry and soft to the touch. Microscopic air bags in the structure of the material create thermal insulation, retaining body heat. Sweat released during exercise is absorbed by the inner knitted fabric and drained to the outside, keeping your skin dry and breathing naturally.

The yarn is extremely durable and resistant to damage, which ensures a long life of the garment. The addition of polyamide fiber improves the elasticity of the knitted fabric and reduces air permeability towards the body.

The outer layer of the undersuit is a quick-drying, durable, crease-resistant material, very flexible, soft to the touch responds well to frequent washing.

inner layer: polyester, polyamide, elastane, weight: 420 gr / m 2

outer layer: microfilament polyester, weight: 292 gr / m


Sweatshirt Price: 181 EUR
Pants Price: 181 EUR

Dodatkowe zalety

  • light and comfortable
  • extending in all directions
  • flexible and flat seams
  • elastic thumb loops
  • prepared for p-valve
  • string at the waist
  • two pockets on hips
  • flexible feet for feet